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Earlier this year…

Friday night just after 10pm we were walking through town saw Lithuanian man fast asleep 😴 further down we could see a pair of legs pointing towards the road so they were right out on the path and Julie said those legs are shaking, now it was busy with plenty of people walking past, as we got nearer we realised he was having a seizure so I went into nurse mode and Julie rang for ambulance 🚑 he was frothing at the mouth and had wet himself, he started to come too but then he was gasping for breath which was really distressing, still no one stopped, what sort of world do we live in where people can do that 😢 he then went back into another seizure again frothing at the mouth now I’m screaming at the phone and Wayne has called on another phone finally a car on the other side of the road pulled over and the guy ran over to help, police and ambulance arrived after about 12-15 mins then he had a third seizure but at least paramedics could see it, they took all our details and we left them to it, it was all very upsetting and has made me realise that these guys are very much alone out there and we need to have somewhere where we can come together and help them

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