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Soup runs

A few months back we realised that Friday and Saturday evenings centres 33 is shut, (centre 33 offers food to our street homeless in St Albans) this then means they have no meal so we decided to set up our food service but only on these two evenings. We usually take out pot noodles with flasks of boiled water, soup, chocolate biscuits, crisps, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. This has become very popular with our friends who now ask every time you see them if we’re out Friday. Occasionally we are lucky enough to be offered hot meals from members with a food hygiene certificate, this really is a treat.

It’s not just about food but also helping them with other needs such as arranging appointments for them, giving them advice on all the amenities available to them and also handing out clean clothes every weekend. When needed we give out sleeping bags, some of us have even offered to wash their dirty clothes but they are to proud to allow us. The soup run is when we really get to know our friends its something we all look forward to doing. We have all had training in safeguarding and alcohol and drug addiction which was given by some of our local charities. ¬†Any one of our members can volunteers to help on soup runs, so if you want to get involved sign up.

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