Action for Homeless

About Us

Welcome to St Albans Action for Homeless

“This group is about a community coming together to help our homeless friends in the best way possible.”

We seek advice from experts to ensure we keep both our friends and ourselves safe .we have had training in safeguarding and drug and alcohol addiction. We are in touch with our local charities who offer advice and support when needed.

Together we can all make a difference and improve the lives of our street homeless.

This is about a group of friends who have come together to help our vulnerable homeless neighbours, we will help them find the right help for any problems they might have, help them find the amenities available that help with addiction and shelter.

We offer food at the weekend when other charities are closed, this is very popular and welcomed by our friends.

We also hand out clean clothes and underwear Friday and Saturday when doing the soup runs .

We are currently fundraising  for our winter project so that in severe weather or illness we can pay for bed and breakfast and supply essentials for keeping warm in winter.

We try and encourage members to get involved either by donating clothes, money or coming out on soup runs. 

The best help we can give is to get them help for addiction and into shelter, we have helped two lads get off Heroin and onto methadone, with one of those now off methadone and 11 months completely clean.